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Keyboard shortcut


The IBI-helpMe Client application offers the possibility of using a particular keyboard shortcut in order to show the window for creating a support case. You can customize the relevant keyboard shortcut here. A keyboard shortcut consists of a so-called modifier and a Virtual Key You can select the modifiers WIN, ALT, CTRL, SHIFT (SHIFT only in connection with an additional modifier). A Virtual Key can be a character A-Z, 0-9 or another key that needs to be specified as a HEX representation (e.g. for the ESC key: 0x1B). Please note that a keyboard shortcut that is used by another application cannot be used for as along as the application is running.


<configuration version="1.2.0">
	<!-- Defines an alternative Global HotKey. A HotKey must consist of at least one modifier [WIN, ALT, CTRL, SHIFT (not on its own)] and one (virtual) key [A- Z, 0-9 or virtual key as Hex representation (e.g. 0x1B for ESC)]. -->
	    <generateSupportMessage>WIN + SHIFT + H</generateSupportMessage>

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