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Recording of warnings, errors

The IBI-helpMe client application can log certain events that occur during operation.

Two types of events can be identified: Warnings and errors. An error always leads to the application's termination, while the application can continue to run when warnings occur.

Warnings and errors are logged in a single file. If a warning or an error occurs, the application attempts to document the event in a file. For this to succeed, an Errors directory needs to be created in the same directory where the configuration file is located, with users being given appropriate rights to create and modify files. If the event cannot be recorded in the error log file, it will instead be recorded in the operating system's event log. Contrary to a warning, the application is terminated when an error occurs after it has been detected.

Warnings are indicated in the error log file with a W, while errors are always marked with an E.

The location of the log files can be specified by setting the appropriate start parameter (see ErrorLogPath).

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