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Version 2.0

Published on August 14th, 2019


With this version, Windows XP and Vista will no longer be supported. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please refer to the Microsoft End of support for the operating systems specified above.



  • First release



  • Now any files can be attached in the "Create Support Case" dialog
  • New delivery type: Jira
  • Providing a configuration via HTTP/S
  • ServiceNow: Jakarta version support
  • Support for variables of the type "String" with the notation "{%String.xxxxx%}"
  • Support of obfuscated content of the configuration file
  • Support for a failover configuration file
  • Support of an alternative SMTP server port


  • Support of old (not HTML) "Create Support Case" dialog removed
  • English translation optimized
  • High-resolution screen support
  • Variables of type "Input" within the automatically determined values are no longer supported
  • Multiple connections of the same type possible
  • Cached configuration file is only updated after successful loading


  • Screenshots were not created correctly on high-resolution screens
  • ServiceNow: Error when evaluating the content to be transmitted
  • A missing "alternativeSenderAddress" element in the configuration file could cause the application to crash
  • Possible errors with SMTP delivery fixed
  • The configuration file was not evaluated again when opening the "Create Support Case" dialog
  • Sequence of system information and formular data was not taken into account in the default template.
  • Collected values of the type "Static" were possibly not read out correctly
  • When comparing texts with umlauts, wrong results could occur
  • Texts were not loaded in the HTML view under certain circumstances
  • If Internet Explorer was not installed when opening the Service Portal in a new window, no window was displayed
  • The start parameter "FixTray" did not work correctly under Windows 10
  • Variables as display names for input fields were not resolved correctly
  • A missing password element of a ServiceNow connection in the configuration file could cause the application to crash
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