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IBI-helpMe 1.5 release notes


  • Support for OEM product names added.

  • Window size and status of the "Create support case" and "Service Portal" dialogs can now be configured in the Configuration.xml.

  • Placeholders within the index.html of a Service Portal page can now be replaced by values from the Configuration.xml.

  • From Windows 7, the tray icon can always be set as visible by using the start parameter "/FixTray". Prerequisite: The change must be made when Explorer.exe is not executed. => e.g. logOff script


  • Loading the Service Portal page is sped up if no AD connection is present
  • Customized appearance of the header of the "Create support case" dialog.


  • Poor quality display of the IBI-helpMe icon in the taskbar with open window in Windows 7.

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