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The following illustration gives an overview of the recommended directory structure and the recommended directory permissions of IBI-helpMe on a central share, which can be accessed by all IBI-helpMe users.


IBI-helpMe is delivered in a zip archive which contains a "Ready to use" folder structure. The contents must be unpacked in a user-defined location (<Installation Location>). The best place is a shared folder on a central server to which all the clients in your network have access.

The UNC-path of the <Installation Location> could look like this, for example:


Please observe the information about Windows Security.


The following permissions should be set in the subfolders of the <Installation Location>:



(and all subfolders)

IBI-helpMe Administrators
Read, Write, Execute

Other users
No permission


(and all subfolders)
All users
Read, Execute
Client\ErrorsIf problems occurring in the IBI-helpMe Client should be logged, all users in this subdirectory need write permission

Installation Client Computer

The Client computer does not need an installation in the traditional sense. All you have to do is to make sure the IBI.helpMe.Client.exe is running.

The IBI-helpMe Client does not need a .NET Framework or a Java Virtual Machine.

Standard installation

IBI.helpMe.Client.exe is located in the following folder:
<Installation Location>\Client\

The IBI-helpMe Client can be started via a Login Script, a Group Policy or an Autostart Group. 

For certain purposes it is possible to adjust the behavior of the IBI-helpMe client by specifying start parameters.

Local installation

If required, the IBI-helpMe Client can be distributed locally to any computer, e.g. via a software distribution system. The configuration file can also be distributed locally. If configuration adjustments are to be applied without delay, it's reccommended to store the configuration file on a central share.

When starting a locally installed IBI-helpMe Client, it may be necessary to specify the start parameters Configuration and ErrorLogPath.

Installation Admin Computer

Der IBI-helpMe Admin wird zur Konfiguration des IBI-helpMe Clients verwendet. Damit der IBI-helpMe Admin gestartet werden kann, muss auf dem Rechner das entsprechende .NET Framework (weitere Details in den System requirements) installiert sein.

The IBI-helpMe Admin is used to configure the IBI-helpMe Client. In order to start the IBI-helpMe Admin, the corresponding .NET Framework must be installed on the computer (see system requirements for further details).

Standard installation

To run the IBI-helpMe Admin use the IBI.helpMe.Admin.exe. It is located in the following folder:
<Installation Location>\Admin\

Local installation

If required, the IBI-helpMe Admin can be distributed locally to any computer on which IBI-helpMe is to be configured, e.g. via a software distribution system. In this case, the configuration file should be accessible from a central location, so that adjustments can be applied without delay by the IBI-helpMe Clients.

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