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Feature overview

Version 2.2

Certificate-based encryption

To secure the configuration file access even more, it can now be encrypted using a certificate.

For more information, see Setup certificate encryption

Microsoft Azure Active Directory

In addition to the already supported Microsoft Active Directory, the Microsoft Azure Active Directory is now also supported. This means that user and computer properties can also be queried via an Azure Active Directory.

For more information, see Azure Active Directory

TOPdesk connection

From now on, a Support Case can be sent directly to your TOPdesk system.

Version 2.1

Screenshot area selection

When taking a screenshot, it is now possible to select a single area instead of the whole screen.

Cherwell connection

From now on, a Support Case can be sent directly to your Cherwell system.

Version 2.0

Simplified configuration

The new IBI-helpMe Admin simplifies the configuration of IBI-helpMe with its intuitive user interface.

Jira connection

From now on, a Support Case can be sent directly to your Jira system.

Signed and obfuscated configuration

From now on, the configuration file will be signed to ensure its integrity. If required, the configuration file can also be obfuscated to prevent others to read it.

Configuration over HTTP/S

The configuration file can be loaded from an HTTP/S source if required.

Support Case with file attachments

User can add files to a Support Case if required.

Version 1.10

More flexibility

IBI-helpMe now offers even greater flexibility when designing input fields. In addition to the ability to freely design input fields, you can now choose to display them only when required. This leads to enhanced clarity for the user and improves the quality of the data input. See Define input fields

More individuality

Design your own Create support case dialog. Why reinvent the wheel? You can integrate your existing intranet solution into IBI-helpMe. The new IBI-helpMe Javascript interface provides it all. See Javascript interface

Version 1.9

New delivery type ServiceNow

IBI-helpMe is now able to generate a ServiceNow-Incident directly via REST interface.

Alternative delivery  type per category

It is now possible to define an alternative send type per category.
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