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HTML-based Create support case dialog

From version 1.10, IBI-helpMe uses an HTML-based Create support case dialog, provided Internet Explorer 11 is installed. Otherwise the standard dialog is used as a fallback.

If individual HTML content is used, an older version of Internet Explorer can be supported (see FactBox below).

HTML-based dialogStandard dialog

The benefits of HTML-based dialogs are explained below.


The contents of the Create support case dialog can be customized to individual requirements when using HTML contents. Compared with standard dialog, even the HTML content shipped as standard in the CustomIssue directory (at the IBI. helpMe.Client.exe storage location) offers enhanced functionality.

Asynchronous discovery of system information

Compared to the standard dialog, system information is no longer determined before the dialog is displayed. Instead, this is done asynchronously, while the user describes their problem.

Individually definable input fields

Input fields can be defined by the user. The user can decide if certain input fields should only be shown when a certain entry is selected.

Available input fields are described under Define input fields.


The standard HTML contents is provided in the CustomIssue subdirectory (at the IBI. helpMe.Client.exe storage location). If required, you can specify alternate contents as well as alternate storage locations. An alternate path is specified by means of the /CustomIssue start parameter. An existing intranet page can be fully integrated in IBI-helpMe by using the Javascript interface provided

If your customized HTML contents supports older versions of Internet Explorer (lower than 11), it is essential to explicitly specify the path to the home page (e.g. index.html) by using the start parameter CustomIssue. This prevents the standard dialog from being used as a "fallback" when Internet Explorer version 11 (or higher) is not installed.

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