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Setup a Service Portal

IBI-helpMe Client can display a website that serves as an entry point for the users, where they can find links to tutorials or your existing intranet site.

A sample Service Portal site is setup by default. You will find the contents of this site in the folder CustomContent that is located in the Client folder.

Customize the Service Portal site 

If you are interessted in setting up a custom Service Portal site, take a look at Utilization of a Service Portal.

Disable the Service Portal site

If you don't need a Service Portal site you can disable it by renaming the Client subfolder CustomContent or by following the the steps below using the IBI-helpMe Admin:

  1. Start the IBI-helpMe Admin
  2. Navigate to Tray icon
  3. Deselect the Show entry "Show Service Portal" checkbox
  4. Click on Save
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